The Mission

The MasterMind Chamber is an organization of business professionals, comprised of both men and women joining together to promote mutual success and the betterment of our communities.

The MMC seeks to change the mindset as to how business is being conducted the world over.

MISSION: To build up individuals, businesses, and communities by creating a culture of givers rather than takers. To restore enlightenment and education by means of “banding” people together to achieve our commons goals.

OUR FOCUS: To bring back Enlightenment and Education through the Power of MasterMinds.

OUR CULTURE: There is POWER and STRENGTH in Numbers and Community. Let’s Bring People Together through MasterMinds.

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Looking to take your business to the next level?

Are you struggling with technology, marketing, accounting, networking, or other areas of professional development? We know the complexities of entrepreneurship and we aim to tilt the odds in your favor with education, experience, hands-on skills, and dedicated MasterMinds that are designed to speed up your business exponentially.

We help you get to the “front of the line,” when it comes to conducting business in a competitive climate.

Are you having trouble juggling commitments at work and home?

The modern life demands so much of your attention – almost too much. The MM Chamber will penetrate the noise, face challenges head on by your side and provide the tools to maintain positive work-life balance.

Are you tired of network companies and traditional chambers that never take you from being an outsider to an insider?

Feel alienated or let down by your business growth organizations that seem to never deliver on their promises? Has your growth as a professional stagnated? You’re not alone! Join a group where you are part of a MasterMind!

The MasterMind Chamber is the only one of its kind, making you the master of your destiny because the entire success hinges on you being a committed MasterMind of your arena (area of expertise). The more successful you are, the more successful we all become!